Our Activities

Major issues currently being pursued by RHA (NSW)

  • More support from the NSW railways and the NSW Government for rail heritage.
  • The poor condition of much of the State's rail heritage and the obligations under the NSW Heritage Act for the controlling entities to take care of heritage items.
  • The role which RHA (NSW) and the various rail heritage groups can take in providing assistance with the huge task of rail preservation.
  • The vital need for actions to be taken to provide more affordable insurance for rail heritage groups.
  • The need for the rail authorities to take a fairer attitude when leasing rail property to local preservation societies to minimise rentals and to overcome the problem of the volunteer groups then becoming subject to unaffordable local council rates.
  • The assistance which could be provided by the rail authorities to groups rehabilitating and maintaining disused branch lines by arranging supply of surplus track material at affordable prices.
  • The support which NSW Tourism could give to the promotion of rail heritage.
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